And the supplement that's helping me now is .... Taurine

In the absence of benzos this is how I’m currently battling anxiety :

  1. Taking my 15mg abilify at night instead of morning. This has basically halved my anxiety.

  2. Take 600mg L-theanine when I wake up.

  3. Take 3 grams of Taurine at 5pm. It takes about an hour to kick in but gives me a relaxed feeling of bliss for about 2 hours.

  4. At 8pm I take 400mg of L-theanine.


this looks like a good resourse for anxiety, it has free worksheets you can use


Thanks daydreamer. I had a look but when I went to download something, it said

You are not licensed to access that resource

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But also my anxiety is mainly physical caused by abilify however. So I don’t know if I can think my way out of it, if that makes sense…

Thanks for posting the resource though.

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I hear that, i thought the same that i couldnt do anything about it and i took meds but they did ease it a bit but it wasnt ideal so i stopped and decided to try and just do what i can and extend the length of time before i get anxious, it takes a lot of skill

my anxiety was really bad about 2 years ago i remember i wasnt doing much maybe an hour in an office but i’d get super anxious,

but since doing that i have been trying to build up my tolerances and extend my anxiety range which is make longer the time before getting anxious and coping with stress better,

so now after becoming more active physically and mentally my anxiety had reduced, its like intensive cbt without the pressure at my own pace,

I believe it is psychological for me but it is buried deep down and anxiety is a byproduct of my psychological distress

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Just an update. Nothing seems to be working out for me lately. I have to stop taking taurine as it’s giving me aches in my kidneys.