And the fact that I lost 10 lbs is just icing on the cake

For all you folk who are into sayings from the fifties.

I went to my dermatologist today. She removed a lump from my head a couple of weeks ago and had it tested and today she gave me the results and it was benign. Not cancer.

But going there was an experience. Some hard truths hit me and that’s all I will say about that. But I walked in and the young receptionist started being bitchy and copped an attitude (for all of you who are into sixties sayings). I don’t know what it is with her. We had our little run-ins before but we were getting along fine I thought.

And I sat down and it just really irked me. So I kind of glared at her and stared until she totally folded and 77nick77 wins again right after they were counting me down for the count. (for people who care about seventies sayings) And the funniest part was that it was 100% appropriate. It is one of those wins when someone starts trouble and totally has the tables turned on them. (eighties).

And some stupid kid who I had nothing against started acting a little like a punk so we got a little unfriendly. By the way, this is not typical, I get along fine and I am mostly friendly but I don’t why this happened. But it happened and I was pissed.

So I waited and made sure the girl felt bad but the weirdest thing happened. I saw the doctor and it was serious but we had a few laughs and on the way out I had to make an appointment for three months from today. And I said something and the girl smiled and I said something nice and she’s young and kind of cute in her own way and she lightened up and all of a sudden I was the older adult making her feel good about herself. It wasn’t flirting but there was an element of it that was again 100% appropriate for my age.

And I turned to go and said have a nice day and I forgot to mention that a really pretty mature woman had walked in with a fantastic body so I seized the day and on my way out I looked her in the eye and smiled and said, “And you have a good day too.” And I was rewarded with a great smile in return.

And then I had lunch and this morning I weighed myself and lost ten pounds.


Another great story as told by @77nick77. :grinning: Good to hear you are free of cancer.

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Glad to hear you are okay :blush:

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Thanks @Sarah and @FatMama.


You lost ten pounds on an all Cake icing diet??

Figure it out…….I lost ten pounds by not eating so much.

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