And the Academy Award goes to

All great actors in some great movies! Fisher King is one of my all time favorites. I wonder if an actor who has struggled themselves makes a more compassionate and realistic characterization?
Kevin Spacey in KPax wins overall for me from this list, but all just great.

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Leonardo diCaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He was definitely mentally disordered.

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I know it’s not really “funny” beyond a warped sense of humor, but I do have a warped sense of humor and back when my diagnosis was Bipolar 1 w/ psychotic features, I did appreciate Charlie Sheen giving us our own theme song.

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Both brilliant movies!

I really like Michael Shannon, so I was intrigued and rented Bug yesterday. It was terrible, IMO. So disappointing. :neutral_face:

Aww, I’m really sorry you didn’t like it… I did, but I guess I have pretty weird taste in films :disappointed:

She was also in a 1990 movie called Misery in which she played an old psychotic, sadistic, (I didn’t want to use those words but I don’t know how else to describe her character). woman who captures her favorite author and keeps him prisoner in a cabin in the woods and tortures him.

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Ah, I’ve read the book, many moons ago… I didn’t know it had been made into a film, I’ll have to watch it sometime.

They showed 12 Monkeys on the Television in the Psych Hospital.

It was a very strange experience seeing it in that kind of environment.

Brad Pitt’s performance was awesome in that movie

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Jamie Fox in “The Soloist”.

He played a schizophrenic homeless man who lived on the streets of Los Angles who had attended a prestigious musical school and he was still extremely talented even though he lived on the streets.


One more role came to my mind - Edward Norton in The Fight Club, along with Brat Pitt. However, here it takes a while before it comes to light that he is disordered. Anyway, the movie’s great.

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Omg, I can’t believe I forgot one of my favorites: Geoffrey Rush in Shine! Brilliant and incredibly moving.


Just watching se7en. Kevin Spacey rox here. Isn’t showed on the screen much though.

Ralph Fiennes in Spider (David Cronenberg film)…

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Any movie Mel Gibson is in.

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Leonardo Dicaprio shutter Island. He was excellent