And So Does The Wave

Before the shore,
The darkness sits, and the darkness leaves;
The sun rises, and the sun sets.
And so does the vast wave of nature that touch us by,
As the wind sweeps over the debree on the sand.
So does the sand become glass, and the grass, someone’s food.
Winter arrives; spring rises. Animals fall asleep and some cry for food on the nest.
Snow becomes water for the ground and the ground seeks more,
And the ocean brings life to many, but it also kills the souls that swim in.
In the vast land I have never been to, the blood of my ancestors is spilled on churches
And their descendants build upon the resting place of their passion.
The wheels of a broken wheelchair sits as three people try desperately to fix it,
Only for the three people to equally divide parts as the disabled person try to move.
And so does a woman who sits upon a computer, who loves the wind,
The gentle touches of the keyboard and the subtle music from her speakers,
Cries upon the screen as she weeps upon the hatred from her own people.
And so does a child who sits upon a bed watches carefully of her caregiver
To watch her every act in fear as he cries below his blanket.
And so does an elderly man who have raised his children with fervor
Asks for a cup of food, but only to be refused;
So he retreats, calls his children, only to be rejected from them.

And so does the wave of the nature flows beneath and over us,
The mountain stays still, the rocks remaining unbroken, the animals roaming the earth,
The nature seemingly silent and poised on its dedication for its lives.