And I'm over the alcohol cravings

Just pay them no mind. Give them no weight. After about 2 months of regular drinking I’ve been able to get over it. Now wish my favorite bar served smoothies or something so I’d have a reason to go down there. Hey then I could even drive afterwards. It’s a pretty cool place, hang out for about a half hour and try to start a conversation and typically you get to know folks. The crowd is a little different from the rest of the town as well.

Anyways, no coffee beyond 4 cups in the morning. been doing that for a couple weeks now. I can’t really see myself drinking alcohol at all any more. Up next is tobacco.

1 week until I get my couches. A couple more until I get my projector.

Check it out.

<300 $ 1080p about the size of an old walkman or tape recorder. max screen size of 13ft. Even has a rechargeable battery.

Don’t know what I’m going to do until then. Running low on funds. Guess I’ll listen my music until its stale.

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I don’t think that going to the same place you used to drink is a good idea, switch that place with the gym, or the library, something active that you are doing to replace a bad habit with a good habit.


That’s probably a good idea. I’m gonna miss it. Sober people don’t talk as much. They’re to focused on themselves to cut loose. Aversive to social interaction.

Join some groups that allow talking and generating ideas to merge with yours, you should be able to find lots at your library, Meet Ups, bulletin boards, coffee shops, signing up for newsletters. There also should be a list of upcoming activities in your area, and a lot of people there would love to socialize and the cool thing is many times there are free refreshments. :smiley:

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I’ll have to look around but so far I haven’t seen many groups like that in this town. Most of the community are church goers and do all that stuff behind the scenes.

Before I got sick, when I started college, a dorm mate and me went around to every door on the guys end of the building and shook their hands, said hello, and asked what they were taking for classes, where they were from, etc. Sometimes I can’t believe how brave I was. You can be too, Bryan.

I’ve actually got a couple girls number this last week. Chatted with the barkeeps. Made a few other acquaintances. Thats what kept me going to the bars. It’s not really worth it now though. I’m getting passed the social barrier of this ■■■■. Unfortuantely most people just don’t seem worth it. I could use a good friend though. Talking over digital mediums has gotten old.

Thanks for the encouragement Daze. Today is kind of a day of recovery and I’m trying to figure out how I want to proceed with this life.

Local gardening classes. You can learn to plant too.

Yeah ■■■■ that. :sunglasses:

I would at least expect the same mannerism as with your male friend. :expressionless:

It’s been about three months since I drank, and I’m still craving it. The only reason I haven’t drank is because the only two stores in town that sold beer closed down. I would have to hitch hike six miles to get alcohol. For a while I was making my own alcohol. I would get a gallon milk jug, pour in one cup sugar and two packets of yeast, wait four days, and I could get drunk. My case manager didn’t like that. Maybe I can use this three months of dry time as a start on a sober life.

I have gone three full months and haven’t noticed any physical cravings at all that I can’t get rid of by constantly drinking herbal tea and or iced coffee all day, but the sweeteners are causing some blood sugar problems now . I am totally over nicotine cravings now as well. I forget about that smoke craving all together, however the psychological dependence is still a dangerous obstacle with the alcohol.

Good for you! I’m NOT over my alcohol cravings! Just broke so I cant afford to drink! :dizzy_face:

If You Don’t Start Drinkin’ (I’m Gonna Leave) - George Thorogood

: D

Likewise for me. I’ve found that when the craving gets too strong if I eat something very sweet it will allay the urge to drink.