...And if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you

Hi guys i started this thread to ask and hear about people’s experiences with schizophrenia.

What have you learned? Have you sorted your thoughts out? Has the illness changed your morales; ethics? lifestyle?

i do not talk to you as a doctor but as a fellow patient. Have you come to a conclusion about what the condition is?. i am really asking the question to sufferers around 30.

please enlighten me on your experience of the condition and your opinion of its nature/origin.

This is just a post designed to increase my understanding but for our enlightenment and your personal expression - so remember to enjoy it and that i am very open minded and respectful of ALL aspects of your ideas. Have at yu!

Sz is the fire that purifies the soulamidst the dream of Nirvana’s love. I have found in my heart i chose my challenges before the night. I found the river of hope in a way others ineed in the chain of love

I don’t know how it starts, for me its almost always been there. It pulses, gets better and worse, recently its better. I can never quite believe its anything serious, even after quite a while. It’s never actually real until i’m having a bad episode of it. Only recently gotten on meds and they’re helping but the doctors are crap. Still hard to tell myself that nobody’s watching and nobody’s trying to take over but things are easier now. I’ve taken up gym and i have a lot of work on, it really helps to distract me, give me something to focus on which helps me ignore everything.

I gazed into the abyss and it looked back at me and said, “What the fu*k are you looking at, bozo”?

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