And I thought it couldn't get any worse!

Ah god … I thought that things are going for the better this time, I was wrong…I can see the lights in the horizon, but darkness keep on falling on me… :frowning:
I feel so bad…my friend for three years had just died, and were told to evacuate the house immediately…these two bad news came in the same hour…when I thought that it’s time to stop crying the tears waterfall came back again…I’m not a cry baby, but life is just rough right now… :cry: I see the face of my dead friend when I see someone who looks like him on the streets, it’s awful. I’m an optimistic person, but how can someone keep hoping up when all what life offers is sadness and disappointments. I’m sorry about my negative post, I needed to share it with someone, it would make me feel a little better :smile:


Very sorry to hear about what has happened.

You’ll need to take time to grieve your loss of a close friend - but right now you need to focus and get new housing. Contact some local groups and see if they can help you - a good starting point might be a local NAMI office if they have one in your city. Here is a link to start with:

Other people might have some other good sources…

Or reach out to family and other friends to tell them about your new housing challenges.

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Thank you Admin, I appreciate it :smile:
I need a time off but I don’t feel that life is giving me one…we found an alternative housing but it’s not a very good one, depressing but what the hell…we’ll take it, we have no other choice at the moment.

sorry about your friend, and that you are hurting…i am breaking off a bit of the sun and posting it to you, hope this brightens your day !?!
take care


Was your house in danger? Did you get to go back into it and get your stuff out?

I feel for you, Alex.

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Thank you sith, I feel better just by you saying that :blush:

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Oh No, no danger where I live…they just want to rent the whole property in the upcoming days.

I am so sorry you are getting hit with these two horrid events. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Give yourself time grieve. I know you say your not a cry baby… You’re not. You’re a human who has felt pain and is trying to heal. Don’t be hard on your self for grieving.

I hope you don’t have to say in the not so good housing very long and you find something better very soon.

I’m rooting for you to get to the better day’s very soon.


J, thank you for drawing a smile on my face, I really needed that…thank u :blush: