And I get fatter and fatter

And care less and less. I’m currently eating stove top stuffing and corn. The picture of health am I.


I’m also gaining weight.

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Don’t want to be one of those armchair critics but a small investment in health pays off in the long run.

I’m a responsible hedonist these days. I like to still have fun and enjoy things like eating and that is a given but sometimes it pays to eat a little better- do a little exercise.

All’s I’m saying. A small investment helps out in the long run!


Finding it hard to care. Really I only need to be around more than 5 years.

Your kids need you as long as you can. Truly. It’s not a good perspective for others but I’m not a judge of anything. You can do yourself better and you deserve to. Your a nice person. Alls I’m saying! I do like you and don’t wish sooner ends on anyone!


Since I have gotten older I don’t worry about how fat I look like. I am very concerned about my health. I started a walking program and Tai chi class at the VA. I am also working on my social skills and my diet because of diabetes.


My mother died when I was 13. I don’t agree with you. You’re children will need you especially when they have children.


One of the greatest needs we have to our parents is the simple act of being around.

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I struggle with weight issues. I use food to compensate for my lack of social connections. It’'s hard to admit but I feel this forum has a lot of awesome people.


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