And how was YOUR morning?

Since everyone is posting pics of themselves, here’s me this morning:

The good news is that it looks like I don’t have coronary artery disease. The bad news is that I can’t go through airports or other high security facilities for at least a week until the radioactive tracer is out of my system. Apparently I will set off scanners looking for ‘dirty bombs’.


That sounds like a lot of radiation! :open_mouth:

Nah, hardly anything. The radiation scanners in high security installations assume that any bad devices would be shielded, so they are looking for even small blips above the normal background level. I’m bummed out because I don’t glow in the dark, but relieved that one of the most serious problems has just been crossed off the list of things causing my tachycardia.


a fast heart rate…
hawthorn berry tea regulates heart rate…fast or slow.
i hope you are feeling better soon.
take care :alien:

Oh Man Pixel…

I’m glad you don’t have coronary artery disease.

I hope you can enjoy some down time to recover and heal and get your physical health back

As long as your not due to fly any time soon… I hope you’ll be feeling better very soon.

Good luck and keep up the quest for good health.

I’m rooting for you.

I’d still like to see a pic of your smiling face.

Ditto what surprisedJ said.

Well its good news that you don’t have coronary artery disease- I had Tachycardia on certain doses of risperidone - it could be the meds - feel better soon!

Happy that your well,we had a illness,more illness will make our life harder,stay strong

WIll PM you. My real identity is never going to appear in the open here again.


Mine has been funny actually LOLOL

Glad you don’t have what you thought you had. This morning started off nice with an unexpected treat, dad got us dunkin’ donuts for breakfast, yum. Then it went down hill visit grandpa at the home.

Apparently, well according to him and I’m not so sure how his word is these days since he tried to say my dead grandmother was there to see him this morning, and he’s been meeting regularly with other now dead realities… and believes there’s some unknown woman living off the family money.

Anyways according to him he fell and made a mess in the bathroom this morning and when we got there he was laying in bed just wanted to rest…I think they gave him some medication or something I don’t know. He looked a lot worse today then he did yesterday.

Mom asked him about this friend he had become close to before his stroke that led him moving into the nursing home and he couldn’t remember who the woman was. It was quite depressing watching him. She said we might come in tomorrow before leave to go back home and said not to come. I don’t really want to go either this morning was upsetting enough.