And bah boom all I thought I knew

Watching movies with the kids.
Bruce almighty and evan almighty are related to each other! Online they call them a series.
How did I miss this all these years?


Sounds fun!

I hope this isn’t too personal of a question, but is being a parent and having sz hard?

I imagine it’s comforting at times.


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I haven’t seen Evan Almighty but Bruce Almighty was awesome.


When my kids were very little I had postpartum depression very badly. I loved them so much but I had to push myself. I went back to work and then my ex husband was home and he cared for them while I was working.
People always say teenage years are rough. I love love them. Teenage years are just so cool. They help me and make me laugh and get me out of the house. Being a mom is the one thing I have no regrets over. Not from birth to adult. Just happiness.

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