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How come you are always told you are the descendant of a Nobleman, a wealthy Merchant or a Prince.

But you are never told you are related to that guy who shoveled the elephant poop at the Circus?


the elephant poop guy didnt have any kids

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Hey, that guys important. He has a lot of responsibility and I’m sure he was related to a prince.

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Man, at least the guy who shoveled elephant poop had a job - my mom didn’t at the end.

That would be funny if those websites told you you were related to people in the mob.

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That reminds me, you haven’t shown me the proper respect lately.

You know what to do.



I’m part bean.

You know I got street cred.



I’m adopted. So you can imagine my lineage. Illegitimate children aren’t exactly welcome in Korea even if the dad is rich. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I’m actually not related to anyone really famous at all. I mean it’s pretty pathetic really. We are average.

Grandma told me a story that we were descendents of a French Duke from a distant past when I told her I was part french. It’s probably a BS story rofl.

Then my mom said we were related to some Mormon guy. That’s about it haha.

Other grandma said we were related to a famous pilot who probably won a Medal of Honor if I recall correctly. Then the bit where we have german ancestry or family in Germany still. Crazy stuff.

Botanist on my mom’s side. Uncle Mark of captain Morgan. The fat ass on rum bottle.

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Son? Is that you?




@shutterbug strikes again.


Although I currently have no known ancestors that lived in the USA I do have quite a lot of cousin matches with ancestors who moved from England/Ireland/Scotland/ and Wales to Colonial America, later the USA. There are more than a few ‘Lord’s’ amongst them . Even more so Colonels,Majors, and Captains.

I do have several cousins that have him, or a relative of his, as ancestors. Some have sources. Some don’t.

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