Anarchy-Total Freedom

When I am symptomatic and not medicated, apart from the delusions I become very anarchist. I start hating police with a passion, as if they should know better than to support the system. I have been in jail many times due to this problem.

I got off all medication around the holidays, but now I’m back on them mostly because I was starting to become too anarchist (a little delusional too). Once back on the meds, the anarchist thoughts subsided mostly, but I am still anarchist at heart. I’m not sure if this is because getting off of them and then back on them made them less effective.

Anyways, who else shares this belief? I’d like to know. (I don’t imagine there will be jails in heaven) And were we really born to be governed?

anarchy as in market anarchy, anarcho-capitalist? if you are talking about that, then this belief is quite dangerous as it trumps the free market as its core idealoogy which its goals are based on an infinite growth paradym. In this massive overgrowth would occur and will inevitably kill the earth. I’d look into sustainability movements if you want more sane solutions

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I try to think of the good things the government does for us - I know that can be difficult since governors are not necessarily saints but I’m a firm believer in the idea that if we, the people, want a good government, we’ll have one. If we don’t care, it’s anyone’s game.

Look how people with mental illness are being overlooked by the govt. As well as lack of appropriate funding.

Personally, I wasn’t overlooked by the government. As a matter of fact, it was an officer who put my psychotic self in a hospital.

I think history shows that having a leader, a president, or a king seems to be the way to go. Now if you take histories leaders, or presidents or kings etc, as individuals, obviously most failed in some ways and were successful in other ways. I’m too tired to really get into this subject.

Funding is provided by the government. If you want more funding for mental health programs, you want more government.

Having a country in which it is every man for himself; the weaker people, the sickly people, the disabled people, the older people, etc will all be screwed. People need protection which they may not get in an anarchist state. There has to be an organization of some kind to protect people from getting taken advantage of. Maybe I don’t understand the concept of anarchy.

I have the same issue. Anarchist unmedicated, basically a socialist medicated.

I don’t like the way people percieve anarchism, is just false ideology. Some “anarchists” don’t understand anarchism, it’s not chaos, not about that, it’s about sustainability in a absence of a government. Well, like @crsaen said, it’s dangerous for the whole world to be anarchist, but it works in small communities.

i don’t know much about the anarchist ideology, but I do have a dislike for authority as there is so much room for misunderstanding and abuse of power. I want equals. I think people use their own insecurities to put down others. Ultimately a company is made up of individuals, it should be the individuals and their personalities that are prized, not their productivity and ability to achieve goals. Ultimately goals are fruitless without a sense of community. Belongingness and connectedness should be prized above all. That’s what humans want, a feeling of safety, connectedness, inclusion. At the moment it’s like, work for this entity or that entity and compete. It’s as though the companies think they have nothing in common. Whereas once you use reasoning they essentially want the same things. And people know this. I think the spread of personal information will help connect people on a more personal level and will enable this inclusion. At the moment the world is large and not very personal. We are seeing the internet bringing an impersonal look into peoples lives. But i think a very high ideal that i have is to create a global village. For this, people need to be personal with their neighbourhood, why? so you know who you are. Because who you are is always in relation to other people. Facebook is great and all but it needs to reach a personal street level. We love sharing stories, I think to know personal things about the people in your neighbourhood will help unify us. Through the stories we share we learn to interact better and no one gets left out.

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I don’t imagine there is a heaven at all

Humans have more or less always have communal governance… trust me dude getting locked up for a while aint nearly as bad as what’s been done before.

The problem is the land is divided up and sold… good luck getting it back . You’re better off trying to make a floating micronation.

What makes you anarchistic? Do you not value the freedom you have? We all eat better than the kings of old… the girls are hotter these days too. (Trust me I should know… I’m immortal)

If only it were that simple. It could be the sz screwing with my thinking. It could be the sz effecting my quality of life and me mistakenly blaming the govt. for why my life sucks.

I think anytime u create a new rule people lose freedom. Money imo is a meaningless transaction. People are forced to live lonely lives being confined to their homes with limited ability to take part in outside affairs. I believe in the good nature of mankind. Is it realistic? Could be not, maybe the world is overpopulated and resources are too scarce.

I see societal structure as evolving, people want change. The way we are governed now is bound to change, it could be this will eventually lead to a more free state, or maybe even anarchy. Look at our presidential candidates: we have a woman, a socialist democrat, a non-republican billionaire and some wack-job elite.

Your freedom wouldn’t feel constricted unless there was something illegal that you wanted to do…

I mean all things virtuous are protected by law…

I agree things change… but if its freedom from the monetary system you seek to empower yourself beyond the need to feed the system… that’s something else entirely… not anarchistic at all… subversion of a power structure. Need to happen… transcendence is progression. Make it all primitive… because it is… and will be… to someone at some point.

I believe in informed consent. The person should be informed of what they consent to in treatment and if it becomes apparent that a person cannot consent than the barrier to insight should be removed. Which involves medication + psychological counseling.

Policies are various and not all people are bad or enforcing a corrupt system. I’ve had both good and negative experiences with establishments. For the most part in the US I think it’s imbalanced between what is communicated on TV and what is physically and truly experienced in America. Everyone I speak to republicans and democrats hated Trump and also I knew tons of people who liked Bernie. I can’t believe he lost NY to Clinton. It seems the masses are losing interest in the election altogether and politics.

I’m on the same frame of philosophers and free thinkers. I’m an existentialist and progressive. I hate corruption and I believe that democracy and social justice are inherent values of people. I don’t like the isolationist nationalist propaganda because there’s no straightforward reason or answer for it. There’s a conspiracy floating around on that Wal-Mart were made to be the FEMA concentration camps. I used to have visions, the strange thing was as soon as I saw Trump…it started seeming more and more close to my dystopian stories I wrote before I went crazy.

I used to have visions, when I was younger, of airships and drones, Russia and invasion in the Middle East, China/Japan. Nuclear war and Hydrogen Bombs. See if my visions come true than of course I’m crazy in a socially oppressed humanity and mentally repressive culture. It is hard. I’ve had to keep so much within me. I mean I am crazy for seeing things no one else can see and that is…

The same as Christ.

thats so interesting.

while delusional-free, i’m an anarchocapitalist.

when i start to get delusional i urge to create a secret society and live a life without the government, in a parallel tribe or something; absolutely hate authority, don’t like to be a government slave and pay taxes