Anyone heard of that? I am trying to lower my libido as its getting me into trouble. It was the worst on Abilify but now has calmed down on 6mg risperdal, maybe I can go to 8mg but it will worsen negative symptoms. Since going on Risperdal my testosterone went under minimum normal value and my prolactin is over twice the max value. I read that licorice lowers libido.

I ordered licorice extract supplement.

Studies report sexual dysfunction in the range of 67%–96% in patients treated with risperidone. Most of these patients present with decreased sexual desire, while difficulty in arousal, erectile dysfunction, and ejaculatory dysfunction are other common symptoms reported.

Last time I got my testosterone checked, it was barely above the normal range, so I can relate to you on that.

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Courtney Love.,…


Priests and spiritual magicians have used anaphrodisiacs for millenniums. The only one I am familiar with is Senna. I don’t recommend it.

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Hops lowers libido for me. You can get some alcohol free beers and see if it does anything for you. Hops also comes in capsules.

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I have sexual dysfunction (ED) and I use Viagra 50mg a few times per week.

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