Analysis of Treatment Goals for Patients with Schizophrenia

For patients 47% said the most important goal was to think clearly. I am not sure how you can recognize this. I would say sometimes I feel like I am not free.

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For me, I can tell when I can’t think clearly by how much I snap with frustration when overcoming an obstacle, as opposed to being capable of being smooth about my thoughts through the course of surmounting the obstacle. Definitely something that changed after I got SZ - I am a software engineer by trade, and frustrations like that come with the territory. I used to be one of the best programmers I knew before the onset of my SZ, and now I suck because I can’t handle frustration well enough to avoid snapping and losing my attentional focus…

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Thank you for sharing that. I guess I am a little bit similar. I was a very good student in school and I was heading for success of becoming a physician. Then at age 25 I became ill. After that I could do nothing for about 20 years. (I was very ill.) Now for the last 16 years the best I can do is data entry. At least I accept my lot.
I am sorry to hear of those harmful changes in your life. Perhaps “thinking clearly” really is a part of our problem. I struggle to define it.
Is it frustration? I will say that I get upset easily and then worry and get anxious, and I have trouble working.

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Now that I think clearer I know I used to be very unclear in my thinking

However when I was unclear in my thought I wasn’t so aware of it.

Maybe it’s a part of thinking blurry, you’re not even aware of it because your thought process is so blurred.

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I have days when my thinking is really good , juxtaposed with those where it’s a struggle to coordinate thoughts. The attitude when I first got a sz dx in 1975 , from MH professionals, was to set expectations at a very low level. Thankfully things are a lot better now. There is even
Students with psychosis

The genius creativity of a man through practices of science ,acquisition of knowledge and skills comes through his ability to focus attention in consuming time and effort to read the data of one specific thing or/ thinking about it or conduct experiments on it constantly in challenge to all the feelings of fatigue that arise from repeating those attempts time and time again

The success you aspire is to lies behind these attempts and does not precede them nor coming by chance !

In the circumstances of a person’s normality, there is an inner force that pushes the arrow of attention towards observing /thinking about the world of things around you

But for you,you will find the matter is vary different and difficult to explain !
You feel a hyperactive inner force ,forms a nucleus of an active disorder located in the current conscious mind ,that pushes the arrow of attention with great energy toward topics that they are outside your personal interests !

you cannot tame that force to work for you ,or prevent it from hacking the attention arrow or even changing their title /content of its topics

The treatment is easier /simpler than you imagine
Just occupy yourself with the topics you love all the time and challenge the boredom of repeated attempts thousands of times
Use pen and paper while you thinking
Write down your thoughts to blocking the acceleration and prevent coherence between your self-thoughts and any overlapping thoughts (the vocal thoughts)