An x-rated, potato salad story

Not really. But in 1985 I was working for this young couple who had their own business and became rich off it. It was a hot tub/ massage joint but it was perfectly legitimate.

You pay your $6 or $7 dollars up front and then go in back to one of 9 private rooms and soak in a hot tub for an hour, maybe schedule a massage for afterwards. I worked their four years in my twenties.

The couple were in their late thirties. The husband was not well liked by several of the other employees. He was kind of arrogant and abrasive and had a bad temper which he took out on the workers sometimes. I feel bad for him because he actually wasn’t a bad guy and he really tried to be nice. And honestly, me and another mentally ill person worked there all that time (they knew we were disabled) and he was rarely mean to either of us.
The woman was young and cute and nice, always treated me nice, always smiled at me. Anyways they used to take some of the employees places. For instance, the bosses took me and the other disabled guy to a reggae concert way up in Berkeley. That was nice. Once they treated all the employees to dinner up in San Francisco in the North Beach area. And a picnic up in the mountains. We all had fun.

But I’ll never forget the trip to the beach. Started off OK, we drove over the hills to the coast about 6 of us. Me, my co-worker, the husband and wife, a good friend of theirs and another employee. We parked and hiked down to the beach, set out a blanket, and took off our jackets, got some soda to drink. We sat and talked.

Then, out of the blue, much to my surprise, my bosses and their friend took off all their clothes! It turns out it was a nude beach, lol. I mean I was a little surprised but I kept my cool and they started talking and then we decided to eat.

We had like cold chicken or something and macaroni salad. We also had a big bowl of potato salad. I remember the friend at one point asked someone to pass the potato salad and he was crouched over it and (lol) my boss said, “Hey, get your dick out of the potato salad.” It was funny and we ate and played frisbee and talked and it was fun. I later told the story to my dad and he cracked up about the “dick in the potato salad.”


I know someone whose brother would stick his in the pickle jar because he hate his abusive stepdad.


That is a great story well told!


Man, Nick, you should write a book sometime. You really have a way with narrative.


Reminds me of Alan Partridge and the sex people. Funny clip, 4 minutes.


Ha! Good story dude.

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Good story @77nick77.


Loooooool good story!


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