An update on myself

I have exercised a great deal of strength exercising today, 3 hours at health club and after some rest
more strength exercising at home( without machines).
I still hope to also do aerobic exercise today, maybe even more than 1 set, on an aerobic exercise machine
I have at home.

I have 3 aerobic exercise machines I have at home, on which I successfully exercise.
I have ordered 2 plate loaded strength training machines, and might order more plate loaded strength
exercise machines and perhaps another aerobic exercise machine.


And I’m assuming you’re taking care of yourself mentally also @Chess24.

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Hello @Wave.
Thank you for caring.
I go to an alternative treater, who slowly weans off the so called " positive symptoms" like voices,
intrusive thoughts etc.
I still have other problems/symptoms, but let’s say I get the benefit of getting intrusive thoughts and voices under control, and there is a certain improvement in my sleep patterns as well.


Sounds great!
Good luck @Chess24! :slightly_smiling_face:


I exercise everyday too! Yoga for me. I believe in it wholeheartedly. I also meditate everyday. Good for the mind and mood.

I walk often and hike. Glad you are well @Chess24

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