An Update on my day

It is now 6:20 PM in Israel.
I went twice to the health club to do aerobic workouts: once with an indoor rower, the second time
with an elliptical trainer. I read stuff about Judaism in Russian, looking out words I didn’t know.
I shaved a huge beard that I had, and am now clean shaven.
And the day is not over yet!
It is just 6:20 PM.
I have a Torah lesson scheduled for 9 PM and I hope to fit in other things till that time.


Those elliptical trainers are a brutal work out aren’t they. I love em. Well good luck with the Torah lesson.

Sounds like you are doing well @Chess24. Glad to hear it. :sunglasses:

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@Chess24, in Israel, how study of religions gives you any earning in future.

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He may earn through disability benefits…!!! We dont have disability benefit here in nepal and in india…!! Erez gets like 750$ to 1000$ a month from disability… if he applys for disability…!!!

Aku do u know who gets disability… people who cannot work gets disability…!!! U wont get disability cuz u work full time…!!! I could get disability as i cant work but there is know provision or such…!!! I am dependant on my fathers money…!!!

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I think in India there are some benefits for the disabled persons and poors. Unsupported widow can get Rs 500 per month and 30 kg of rice. For mentally ill person there are not any method to describe.$ 1000 is little more than my salary.

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Hi @anon68148378 .
First of all, studying religion gives you a social life.
It is very important.

I don’t need money now since I can’t live independently, as of now at least.
I want to clarify, as I am now I can’t work and can’t study at university.
I also can’t live independently.
This is my situation as of now.


Hi @Chess24 what are u up to my man…!!!

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