An update Mar 16th 2023

I had the endoscopy/gastroscopy this afternoon. I opted for sedation, which they said wouldn’t put me to sleep. However it must’ve done because I had no idea anything had been done, when I was put back in the recovery room. The endoscopy/gastroscopy revealed no sign of cancer. What it did reveal was Barrett’s esophagus.


So do you have acid reflux? What do they think caused it?

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I’ve been on Omeprazole 20mgs for quite a while now.

Thank God 15544


That’s good news fire monkey!


Is there any changes you can make to reduce the Barrett’s?

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There’s dietary changes that can be made, and there’s medication. If I made all the recommended dietary changes I’d end up feeling utterly miserable. It’s a matter of balance. I’ll have less of rather than none of.


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