An Unusual Belief That Has A Good Deal of Evidence

During my psychosis in 2010, I Intuited the fact and had evidence to show that my non-ordinary experiences were not rooted in biology, but were non-physical in origin. Some choose to call them psychological others call it spiritual.

In my research, I discovered that of course our non-ordinary experiences involves biology, we all have bodies, but there is no sound evidence for chronic states of psychic crisis being linked back to a biological defect (biological or genetic) (That may seem like a huge statement here, but it is well known by researchers).

To those that say that, “pills prove that there is a biological cause!” There seems to be a misunderstanding about the brain, experience, and chemicals. Think of your brain as a filter, that filters experiences and information, BUT it is not the end point but the filter. Just like a drunk feels dis-inhibited with certain actions, because alcohol effects the filter “the brain” in the form of output, so to do psych drugs work For SOME in the input and output. They inebriate, inhibit and intoxicate the brain to PROMOTE forms of filtering or gating.

In reality lots of things are going on that we may or may not be aware of. I believe psychosis is simply a process used by the psyche to awaken to a larger picture in order to deal with various experiences or information. When we actually understand and address those experiences and information (material or non-material), then the psychosis will abate.

This is what my research has shown me. I may be wrong. Would you like to discuss?

I believe u may be right but that raises the question iv had from 15 years of SZ, why cant i get off meds without a profound difference in living with SZ. I been through so many times of thinking my addiction to them was pyshcological,and then off em things would get like hell, its hell being on antypyhcotics ,but its like being in hell for me off em

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Ditto for me. 15 15 15

Hello mister_lister

I have held this same belief. The problem is the voices, pushed thoughts, hallucinations and all the things people describe as being part of schizophrenia is not part of the human mind but is part of the souls mind. I hear voices 24/7, and feel physical hallucinations on my body happening all the time but I don’t have problems with this. Now there are times I just want silence and to hear my own words in my own mind again and have thought to myself what ways can you block the souls mind from the human mind other then these destructive medications. I know frequency vibrations like in some meditations or binerial beats changes the location of the voices in my mind and block others. I also think that in most cases there is no biological reason for SZ, but more in the fact people do not understand the soul and how it is connected.


A great topic to discuss elsewhere.

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