An unrealistic parallel universe

Today has been a wonderfully sunny day again and I went riding my bicycle. I wanted to ride to the local church to listen their services. But on my way I met few local single men in the bus stop, they were sitting on the bench drinking beer near the church where I went. And then I continued to the church and listened their services. It all felt so unrealistic, some people drinking beer next to the church and other people listening the word of God in the church. Somehow it is all so funny.

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Duality is always different pieces of the same thing. We are often raised to think in black and white when nothing is actually that way.

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Sometimes it makes me wonder: There is Sunday Christian meeting in my neighbourhoood at 1:30PM. One day I did not attend the J.W. meeting on Sunday but I went for lunch in nearby areas. I was thinking: Is everyone of these (including me) deserve punishment or unfavorable judgement during Jehovah’s Day? Because every J.W. in this area must be attending the Christian meeting at the moment. 1 in 1000 people will be saved, far lesser chances than 1 in 100 for having schizophrenia.

Walking in the neighborhood of the Soviet style buildings from the 1960s while wearing the West German military jacket, sometimes I have this DDR nostalgie, maybe this is the parallel universe?

I sometimes think I have wandered into a parallel universe. There is a lot going on in my life that I find weird and puzzling.