An overall description of my situation

I can tell about myself.
Yes I am ill, I have schizophrenia.
Nonetheless I manage to maintain a high level of aerobic fitness, and I am trying to improve my muscle
strength and make further gains in my aerobic fitness.
I take a cold shower every day.
I eat healthy, including giving up tasty things and consuming things that are not tasty.
I managed to make some gains in my cognitive functioning, in my sleep,
and in terms of dealing with intrusive thoughts.
I attend 4 Torah lessons a week, up from 2 previously.
I read and study new words in Russian, and it is something that I previously was not able to do.


That’s pretty cool, keep it up!

Btw, the 151515 thing is generally to increase a brief post’s letter count past 15, so like someone would type “Yes 151515151515” so it would post.


Congrats! You seen to be functioning surprisingly well! I would have a hard time keeping up with that schedule even with meds! No way I could do it without. That’s really impressive!


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