An outdoorsy alternative to hunting: wildlife photography

maybe i’ll get into it someday. i could never hunt, would never want to kill something for sport. but i could go to national parks and hike to a good spot and wait with my camera for a good picture. i think it’s pretty cool. mom just went to yellowstone national park and got a couple pics of some wolves and elk, so that kinda got me thinking about a new hobby.


I think that could be a great hobby.

I used to be into photography.

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yeah i don’t know much about photography, but i could buy a few books to learn a bit, i wonder if i would have the patience for it, i lose my patience pretty quickly, i prefer to be on the move doing something instead of waiting.

but i will give wildlife photography a try someday, here locally there are a few animals that i could get pics of, otter, groundhogs, deer, fox, rabbits, turtles, lots of birds.

and then i could travel for other animals, i would like to get a shot of a big moose with a full rack.

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I used to love going on hikes. It’s a perfect time for photography

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Excellent idea, @Lifer !

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