An oppressive night and other things

The weather forecast for Saturday night …

Sounds ominous.

My big toes have growing numbness on the inner side, it’s been there for weeks and it’s getting worse. Just totally dead feeling.

For META category, my smilies have disappeared. When I press the emoji button, my screen just goes grey but no smilies appear. I can only access a couple of my commonly used smilies by typing : (@rhubot @Moonbeam)

What do you think is happening to my feet that my toes are growing numb?

Work is going well. I’ve only been back for one week this year but I finished all my days and showed up for all three of my days. I’m considering adding another day per fortnight again to get more money to save for our holiday to America this year.

It’s been really hot recently. Yesterday was 37 degrees. Tiggy gets grumpy and bitey in the heat. But I wet him down with a wash cloth, he loves it and rolls around so I can get every part of him. Then he lies in front of the fan to cool down.

I’m going vegetarian (mostly) this year in an effort to lose weight. I made a really nice bean salad for dinner last night. I think I’ll make it again for work lunches.

How have you been going?


Such a nice post, @anon84763962. A little slice of the good things in your life (except for the ominous night!) Good for you being really consistent with work. I hope you enjoy it and continue to do well!
I have a sister who married an Australian guy, a very long time ago. They’ve lived in Singapore the past 9 years but recently returned to Sydney. My sister loves it there, and she sends me pictures, especially of the birds, and it looks like paradise.
She had told me before that Melbourne is more European than Sydney. I bet it’s beautiful!
I hope all things continue to go well for you :heartbeat:

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I’ve only been to Sydney once, when I was about 16. It was really busy and business like. Melbourne seems a bit more relaxed and expressive.

I remember a long time ago, soon after I moved to Melbourne from Brisbane, that my work was having a halloween party, and I made a costume to dress like a bee. I made a stinger and everything!

I went out for a cigarette with my work friends, also in costume, and we were in the middle of a busy area and no one looked at us like we were strange at all. Halloween isn’t really celebrated over here. I remember thinking this is a good city is you want to stay anonymous.

We do have beautiful birds in Australia. Lovely wildlife really, very unique. And everything bar the snakes and the spiders, seems so gentle.

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