An olfactory hallucination or not?

Fishy urine smell . 15 char

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Mop the bathroom floor.

Best way to check would be to have someone else check for you, and tell you if they smell it too.

As I live alone ,it’s difficult to have someone check.

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what about plugging your nose and breathing out your mouth? Does the smell go away when you do that for a few seconds? Or does it linger?

If it lingers, I’d venture hallucination.

Paging @anon94176359 he gets smells

I would maybe see if you get the same smell outside your home. When I had burning smells it took me smelling the exact same burning smell at my mums to verify this was a hallucination


It was as I was sitting down having a pee.

Have ya changed your underwear or clothes? Or have you been wearing them for a couple of days?

Change boxers and socks everyday. Monday and Tuesday (wear t shirt and trousers), Wednesday and Thursday(wear t shirt and trousers), Wash them on Friday. Friday,Saturday and Sunday wear t shirt and trousers-wash them on Monday.

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