An old man on the beach

Years have passed when I lived a moderately normal life in America
and then I wanted to travel to Jamaica
to stay in one all-inclusive resort of this island nation
and so I flew to Montego Bay on a champagne flight
only to land in the airport to the heat of Jamaica
and then headed to this resort for few days
but as I was on the beach drinking a tropical drink
I saw an old man with a young woman on the beach
I wanted to go and talk with these people
and as I did then this old man told that he had been waiting me to come
telling his story when he was in one embassy in Turkey
and other things of his life in New York City
he was a Jew in his 80s as I learned
but I still do not know how he waited me then and why
these are the mysteries of our lives I suppose.

I think some things in life are unexplainable. Do you believe in happenstance?

What is happenstance? I suppose it is coincidence. Maybe or maybe not.

Happenstance is when something happens just arbitrarily or by chance. I’m not sure I really believe in that as some people believe thet every thing happens for a reason.

My life was much different then. Before my trip I had attended in one Israel’s anniversary event in one synagogue in Atlanta. Well 19 years has passed since those events.