An old joke

A cruise ship with a thousand people aboard runs aground on a reef and sinks. Everybody drowns except one man and six women.They manage to swim to safety to a close by island. 'They find out it’s deserted.They are there for a month and nature takes its course and the man starts having sex individually with each woman. He loves it at first but the women are insatiable and all six ask him for sex every day. It starts to wear him out and he becomes fatigued all the time.

So he calls a meeting between all of them and tells them he will have sex with just one of them once a day and he will have Sundays off for himself with no sex.
Several months go by with this arrangement but it starts taking its toll again and he’s exhausted and he doesn’t know what to do about the situation.

Well one day he is sitting on the beach gazing out towards the sea and he spots another cruse ship run aground the way his ship did. And as he watches he sees a lone survivor swimming towards him. It’s a man and he is struggling in the surf so the man on the island swims out and helps the survivor to shore. The man on the island is over-joyed. It’s the answer to his prayers, someone to take over part of the sexual load, finally.
He helps the swimmer stand and gives him a handshake and out “Oh my god,you don’t know how grateful I am that you’re here”.
The swimmer looks him up and down and smiles and replies, " Hi sweety, Wow, you are really cute".
And the first guy cries out, “Oh my god. There goes my Sundays”!



Twenty characters long.

That was just beautiful!

I was cracking up, good joke! :laughing: