An Ode to the Female Ear(s)

My philosophical rant earlier might not have been “(Hypnotically friendly) to the females here, or to the feminine.” Because they are “art” (coming from me) and “nuisance” might have been a “weasel” word. Things are not always what they appear though, in good ways…

I can do (much more); at least I have trust in myself… Gender(For me); is frankly arousing of deeper thoughts and feelings and that should be normal or palatable to hear. And a saving grace for me is that I find it mostly stimulating without being frustrating, mostly.

Anyway nothing makes me think more I can admit that. So that’s why it pours out of me from time to time. And I probably really did step into some abusive type matters(by a man; if that matters.) I have been shedding off tell-tale signs in certain ways, and it all has pros and cons mentally, so that should be convincing that it is real(at least to me).

I guess my most SORDID TRUTH is that I hold women to a higher standard… and funnily(or ironically) is that it STILL takes pointing people out(leaning in?) to call an ambulance if there’s a real emergency. (Doing what’s right; Life guarding reference.)

But am I a laughing stock now? My crime again(is conflating “Leaning In” with masculinity" Trouble separating concepts is hard for a ton of people out there.

Lastly people do read me without commenting… and I am drifting closer to making a poll asking “Should I stay or should I go?”

I am sad that I evolved into an “abnormal” on a site for misfits and cast asides.

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