An odd question

As some sz forum knows I have idiot neighbors.

@77nick77 mighe be able to help.

Living in a downstairs apartment, is it possible the people above me to come through my ceiling? I may have asked before. The floor creaks after where they’ve been sliding etc. The who ceiling thing is scaring me.

I think you need to comment to other people
You’re totally wrapped in your own head.

What the he’ll this is a give and take forum.

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I do comment on others thoughts thx anyway have a nice night daze.

I would say that’s the least of your worries. I know you are afraid
but your apartment is built like almost any other apartment. When any structure like an apartment building is being built, as far as I know, it has to be built according to code. It has to conform to safety rules and pass certain tests.

I mean it’s possible for a ceiling to cave in but I think the chances are 99.99999% against it ever happening. I mean I would guess it happens in certain circumstances like maybe if a pipe bursts and floods an apartment and the ceiling caves in from the weight.

I would say that’s about as rare as Donald Trump telling the truth-- it might happen in a million years but before that the chances are slim.

Yeah, a ceiling might collapse from a natural disaster like an earthquake or a tornado or a fire but you are pretty safe from those things. Hell, when I was 17 I was lifting weights in my bedroom upstairs and I was doing squats with a hundred pounds on a barbell on my neck behind my head and while I was squatting I lost my balance and I fell backwards and the weights fell full force right on the floor. Nothing happened to the floor. No @roxanna, you are safe.

Don’t give up, eventually these bad times will pass.


My clock, which is located on top of my living room wall unit, rocks back and forth if a neighbor upstairs walks in that area, or if I just stand in that area and rise up and down on my toes several times, I can make the whole wall unit rock back and forth.

But 15 years have passed by and nothing has collapsed.

Alright thank you. It’s just weird.

Is there nighttime folks here?

It’s crazy stuff that happens to some of us folk.

I just renewed my apartment rent, but days beforehand I was being forced by the “voices,” who also mess with my mind, into thinking that I was not going to be able to collect all the data of which I had to give to the landlord and present it in time. I had only one day left to get the job done.

It was so bad that even though I had all the papers right in front of me, looking at them was like looking at completely alien stuff. “They” then made me have an extra extra strong feeling that I was going to end up living on the streets.

But I fought back and won. So can you.

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