An interesting license plate

This is true. I saw a middle-aged woman in a car the other evening with a license plate that read “BJ2&AJ3” I couldn’t have been the first guy who thought about following her home.

As an aside, I didn’t know you could get ampersands in vanity plates.

I don’t get it. :confused:

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The ampersand also look like an “8”.

I remember many years ago there was an Olympic skater who had this license plate which I thought was very clever (she attended Stanford University from what I recall) :ice_skate: :nerd:

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Oh an ice skate emoji? where are emojis hiding?

(investigates) :flashlight:

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I’m sorry, I don’t get it.

In the reply editor box, click on the smiley face and it opens the available emojis list.:relaxed:

Skaten for gold. Au is the symbol for gold in the Periodic Table of the Elements. :nerd:

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:nerd: indeed :smile:

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Haha I didn’t get it either but makes sense now you say it

No I meant the BJ2&AJ3 license plate. I don’t get that one.

I don’t get it either :frowning:️️

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blow jobs and ass jobs?

Was thinking this too…

I figured it was going to be rude and decided I’d rather not know :stuck_out_tongue: