An entertaining story?

In 1980, I got in a car with this girls boyfriends father to supposedly go bar-hopping, just me and him. I had met him for the first time that day. I was 20 years old and very naive. He asked me and I felt flattered and thought it would be cool. He was 40 years old. I was a psychotic paranoid schizophrenic, living in an experimental world famous house for schizophrenics. I had just been diagnosed. It started off bad. He came to pick me up but he didn’t park out in front of the house on the street, he parked 4 houses down and sent the girl to get me. It was 7:00 pm and dark.I got in and we headed downtown, this was San Jose, Ca, a huge town maybe population of 700,000. It was before they cleaned it up. Most of downtown had hookers, dives, and sex shops. Very seedy back then. Anyway, he was driving an old Riviera, a popular car back then. A poor mans Cadillac. His car had electric door locks and I thought it was odd when he locked my door from his side. Then I got a little more worried when he made a point of catching every green light so we never came to a stop for 13 blocks. By this time I wanted OUT, but we were going too fast. I tried to stay cool but I was panicking inside when we got to a fork in the road. If we went left, we hit the bars. But if we went right it led out of town. And then he said,“Lets forget about the bars,lets go up to the mountains”, and he turned right onto a highway that led out of town, there we no stops, no turning back. By this time I thought he might kill me or rape me. Then I saw two teenage girls on the side of the road. Thinking fast ( I don’t know how!) I told him,'Hey I know them, lets pick them up". I didn’t actually know them, but we were going 40 mph and he slowed down to 30 or 35 mph. I made my move and in one smooth motion I unlocked my door and jumped out of the car. I rolled 4 times down the pavement about twenty feet. When I came to a stop, I didn’t look back, I jumped up and ran 13 blocks all the way home without stopping. When I reached the home I cornered the girl and I told he, " Your boyfriends dad is a pervert". She didn’t believe me, even after I told her the whole story.
But I felt lucky that all I came out of the experience with was a skinned ass.

Thats horrible, may it be destroyed soon.

Nick, I am so glad you got out of that car. That was really scary. I’m also glad you weren’t seriously hurt. I’m glad you caught on quick and made the jump.

In 2001, I was in San Jose looking for a schizophrenic who had run away from home. It was a nice time for me.

The internet said they had seven shelters in San Jose that would house homeless men. I phoned the Salvation Army first, and the guy who answered the phone shortly put on the young man for whom I was searching.

I remember going out to a Chinese restaurant in San Jose. The menu was in four languages, and of about 30 patrons in the place, we were the only nonAsian.


PS I did a lot of hitchhiking. I was picked up by some strange folks! One guy pulled the pick up over drunk and asked me if I would have sex with him for $5, for example.

Yeah, that stuff goes on.