An Early Halloween Story

I have a horrible tale to tell. It was about a young man who was seeking a meteorology degree and weighed 180 pounds. Over the space of 27 years his hair thinned, his privates shrunk and became useless, he gained 150 pounds and became very ugly. He no longer works. He has no girlfriends and never has really had one. He does nothing all day but watch TV and write terrible stories. He has few to no friends. His gut is large and he has little money. He lives in the poor part of town, and has seen little creatures in his apartment called roaches (the bug man took care of that actually). He shuns the World and scares those around him. He has demons in his head that speak of terrible things like the fact that the people he thought liked him actually don’t know him now (actually they are nicer but I have to live with them for life). He laughs maniacally and talks endlessly to himself. This horrible creature is REAL!!! And he haunts with his ravings. That person could become YOU someday!!! And the horror happens every month of the year. However he ate two hamburgers and some fruit and veggies for lunch so he feels a little better right now.

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Scary story indeed. But i’m glad you’re feeling better after a good lunch. We all have scary stories i imagine. Mine reads similar to yours.

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