An alcoholic!

When would you classify someone as an aloholic?

What are the rules?

Just curious on your take on what you think an alcoholic is !!

Many thanks
Wallafish !

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In the morning instead of drinking water you drink booze

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I think alcoholism is the point at which you become dependent on the alcohol to cope, constantly binging it.

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When it ruins your life and relationships,

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Having it on your breakfast cereal.

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A) If you cannot control how much you drink, i.e. can’t stop once you start.

B) When you drink, you have blackouts and can’t remember what you did,

C) When you are physically addicted i.e. get the shakes from withdrawal.

D) When life revolves around drinking and interferes with your daily routine, in such that things can’t get done or take a lower priority under drinking, i.e, when parenting a child and meeting his/her needs is overtaken by the need to drink.

Some or all of the above criteria needs to be met to be an alcoholic.


There’s many diferent forms of criteria. If you have a lot of them then you might want to look hard at your drinking.

Not being able to control the amount you drink is a big sign. Lying about or hiding from family and friends the extent of your drinking is a big red flag. Hiding booze all over the house so you always have it is a warning sign. Frequent blackouts.

You can find self-tests online that can help someone figure out if they’re an alcoholic.

Not being able to quit when you want to no matter how many times you try or how hard you try.

Drinking at work or going to work drunk.

Putting drinking before your wife, kids, friends etc is a sign.

Not stopping drinking even after getting fired due to drinking or not stopping even after getting incarcerated due to drinking.

Just a few things off the top of my head from AA.

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