An actual success story thanks to the suggestions of the interne

I know this is tl;dr but oh well.

Hello. I have schizophrenia. Catatonic schizophrenia. Schizoaffective disorder. I have that.

One of the things I suffer from is not being able to move my body for a while and then returning to being able to move my body.

So I experience paralysis and the inability to use my talents or move my body. I always feel a pressure in the back of my head and then I get tired and I can’t do the thing I want to do.

It goes in and out all day as a routine. Usually this makes it impossible for me to live the way I want to live. I can’t do my homework most of the time because I literally can’t control my body to do it. In 2010 I flunked out of school because of this

In 2019 had just graduated from college and got a job and a full scholarship to more college. I still experienced bouts bouts of not being able to move or do work or do what I want to do.some of my choices just don’t come out.

So I went into my new life of full time job and scholarship and I was just about to break down again. I wanted succeed instead so deeply I decided to accept that I had schizophrenia just in case by accepting it I could treat it and succeed.

One day I accepted that I had schizophrenia just before everything was going to go downhill again and I for the first time volunteered to go to out patient services instead of my family forcing me to go.

I not only took the medicine but I agreed to actually see if it worked or not. I also searched the internet for any over the counter medication I could find. Because no matter how much medicine I take I never am able to beat my avolition or catatonia or paralysis or whatever word should be used for not being able to use my talents. Not being able to do tasks. Freezing and literally not being able to move my body.

I tried glycine because of the internet suggesting it I was just randomly taking something from the vitamin shoppe i didn’t expect what happened next. Ilater on I felt the paralysis overcoming me and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to move. Then I went to move and it worked! Glycine actually helped me move my body!

I then tried alpha lipoid acid,NAC, sarcosine, and l theanine and it all actually helped me move my body and complete tasks. When I used to be doing things what would happen is I would just stop and not be able to continue because I just couldn’t move. But when I take these medicines I can move.

It’s kind of sad that the psychiatrists and doctors and nurses that deal with mental health didnt prescribe this to me.

The problem is how much of the medicine I have to take to have a full productive day. I have a day where I’m taking all this medication just so I can move my body when I want to move it. It’s pretty sad but it’s a step up from failing out of school and getting fired from work.

I am working full time and I am going to school full time. I would have crashed from not being able to move my body when I wanted to unless I found all these medicines. Now I have to pay for all these medicines, take a large amount of it and then function properly. But ‘its better than no solution at all and watching the next medicine the doctor give me not do anything for my movement problems.

The medicine I am on is invega sustenna and wilburtin.

The question is will the over the counter miracles keep working for me? And how do I tell my doctor that this has been happening correctly?

Does anyone else suffer from catatonic schizophrenia or catatonia and not being able to move at certain times or control their body to move. What medication over the counter or prescribed by a doctor do you take that you feel treats this?

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I have catatonia. Benzodiazepines really help although I no longer need to take those. If you are unable to tolerate benzos (Ativan, Klonopin, et cetera), ECT then maintenance ECT is an option. I got ECT too and it helped with the catatonia a lot.

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I find that 10.4 pH alkaline water really helps with brain inflammation and reduces my negatives. Helps the body heal too!

I drank 9.5 - 10.4 pH alkaline water for 2 months and reduced my chronic headache that I had for 4 years from an 8 / 10 to a 2-3 out of 10. I have to keep drinking it though, to stay out of the “oxidative impairement” state and allow my brain and body to heal.

My issue with it is it might negatively affect digestion, so undigested proteins might pass through my intestinal wall and cause joint pain. My workaround is hydrogen gas inhalation (alkaline water’s beneficial effects are due to dissolved hydrogen).

I don’t have catatonic schizophrenia, but in my experience NAC and sarcosine continue to work.

What does ECT mean? I don’t understand your acronym AT ALL

Also are there any over the counter Benzos that exist?
Do you mean the benzos helped you move again before when you could not?

Why don’t you need to take it anymore how did you overcome your symptoms?

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I don’t need to take benzos anymore because my catatonia mostly went away with anti-psychotics. An OTC alternative to benzos is the plant Kava Kava (non-habit forming) or the plant Valerian root. ECT is electroconvulsive therapy, aka electro-shock. It is a safe and effective procedure nowadays, given while the patient is unconscious (anesthetized), and almost never has long term side effects. It has an efficacy of treating depression, mania, psychosis, and especially catatonia at a rate far higher than medications: about 70-90%. It is also frequently given to elderly populations because it is actually safer in terms of side effect profile and risks than many medications. For example, anti-psychotics in elderly populations can increase the risk of dementia and death, so ECT is frequently given as a replacement with miraculous results. I received it 16 times and I plan to get more. It genuinely saved my life. It is typically given in one course 6-12 times, starting with unilateral, which has almost no side effects, and then the frequency is decreased until it is given once every 6 weeks for about 2 years. This is called maintenance ECT and isn’t always done and is completely optional, but can be used to maintain the beneficial results and avoid relapse. ECT is highly effective for catatonia. Some insurance companies won’t allow ECT until at least 4 medications have been tried. Just FYI. And doctors are sometimes reluctant to give it, but it is life saving and I believe a “secret cure” for depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, and catatonia.

Thanks for the long post I appreciate it @HulGil

Thanks for opening my eyes to electro shock therapy for catatonia. That’s possible. I’m glad to hear your testimony.

About kava kava and valerian root. Are you saying you have taken them and they have helped with your catatonia or helped with being able to move when you can’t? Have you personally tried these? What were the results?

Do these make you tired and sleepy? Can you take them and work through the day.

I’ve never heard a testimony y for electro shock therapy before. I never had an opinion on it that was positive.

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I have tried both of those for catatonia yes. They work fine for me. It could be a useful alternative to benzos since benzos are habit forming. Valerian and kava work the same way as benzos in the brain (GABA-A activation) except in a much less intense way. Your catatonia sounds more pervasive and worse than mine, so you may require benzos, but it’s worth a shot.

When looking up the medications it says that kava kava it the says it may cause liver damage with prolonged use. And that valerian root interacts with medications changed by the liver.

Not sure about Valerian’s interactions, you’ll have to ask your doctor. Kava, when only the root is used, is not toxic to the liver. But unfortunately some sketchy companies use the foliage of the plant which causes those risks. If you look up some good suppliers of kava, you should be able to find some that sell a pure product. You want to look for suppliers that sell “Noble kava” which means that it is the variety that doesn’t have those risks, and look for suppliers that explicitly say they only use the root.

Just bought my valerian root and kava kava root today. I finally got home at around 1p.m. central that’s when I took the valerian root. I didn’t take the kava kava. It seems to be working like a charm. The terrible feeling still comes over me. But instead of not being able to move as the terrible feeling comes, I can still move. I find myself checking to see if I’ve lost my ability to move every time the terrible feeling starts progressing in my head. I then move around and find myself completely able. But that’s just from using it once. This is like a journal entry from using it once who knows what’ll happen when I use it throughout the week. I’m not going to take the kava kava root for now. I’m just going to take the valerian root. It seems to be doing just fine.

This is why I love the internet. Searching the internet for a scientific peer reviewed treatment for schizophrenia has found me nothing but gems. If valerian root works as good as it does for me right now for my catatonia then I have succeeded at finding something that stops the catatonia. Now I need something that stops the terrible feeing that over comes the back of my head and travels down my spine.

Since they say Kava Kava leads to liver failure and death, I may never need to even try it out if valarian root keeps working like this everyday.


That’s fantastic! I am excited that Valerian is working for you. Kava is completely safe when only the root of the Noble variety is used. The problem is that all the extracts you can buy in the store and online are likely to be poor quality and potentially dangerous. I don’t use kava anymore. I use Valerian occasionally, and it really helps. I no longer use Ativan. Hopefully you can find a way to manage the feeling you are describing–I think I know exactly what you are talking about. Do you think that raising the dose of your antipsychotic will help or is it already too high for you? That personally helped me with catatonia A LOT, but some people actually report a worsening of catatonia when the antipsychotic dose is raised.

I am already on the maximum dosage of the antipsychotic invega sustenna injection. The only thing that can be done is add another anti psychotic. The anti psychotics have never gotten rid of this feeling regardless of how long I take them as it seems to be a physical issue of a pressure sensation on the back of my neck.

I have no clue what cures my memory though.
I have memory problems I try to access my memory and it’s like it doesn’t happen. It’s like I can access my lifes memory. I wonder what herb heals this issue.

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