An abstract poem

what if we could turn all those misanthropists and psychologists into philanthropists and typologist on thoughts often ignored by apologists and agnostics to walk between the sidewalks touching cracks breaking mothers back on a fact that the hypothesis was a failed prognosis and that all swans are in fact black they were soaked in the oil of a blind heart attack.

what if we could engage a phenomena of forgotten fury into the fire of the 21st century throw ourselves before the colonialists and be slaughtered like pigs to feed the vikings who crossed the icy mountain to turn our seas in blood fountains.

we watch each other fumigate under a gasoline soaked horizon, selling our short lived bodies to be tenants to customer service pipelines t-mobile to be mobile and verizon just a visor to make sure there is light left to be let in…

and nod in despair as all the strings are pulled out from the fiber of our universe

then dream in cursive that this world wasnt cursed

that we werent born in reverse to a land that forget the purpose of trees

where flowers once sang and telephones rang, but now are the ethos of meteors that reign