Amyone relate

I’m diagnosed bipolar sz… So when I’m manic and my emotions r high I don’t hear my voices and become depressed because I’m lonely… Damn emotions ruin my mind…

My Voices Are WITH ME No Matter Low (OR) High My Emotions Are … ,

e(Y)e Actually Hear Voices Tho … … …

Yeah, I’m sza bipolar. I can relate to emotions everywhere all the time.

e(Y)e Thot Schizoaffective WAS Both , Schiz0phrenia and Bi-polar …

Can be depressed type, with no mania

What is “depressed type” , , ,

Depression of Sorts (???)

Episodes of depression. Or depressed all the time, but with no mania.

So ,

What’s tha Medical Term For tha Differential Traces (???)

sza bipolar types usually has mania and depressed episodes and/or mixed episodes of both

sza depressed type has depressed episodes

if that’s what you’re asking

" Medical Term " , , ,

What is tha Medical Term , , ,

For tha Differential , , ,

Traces . . . ,


“episodes of depression or depressed all the time” - @Minnii

So What is tha Medical Term of Such (???)

(EDIT) ,

Jeeze All thus T(Y)me … ,

My Friggin Dad Jus Woke Up , , ,

He’s SoOoOoOoO Creepy All Elderly and Crooked and Shizz … ,

Ew (!)

schizoaffective depressive type.

Doesn’t Really Sound Like a Complete Term … ,

Good Luck To You Purry Friend .

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