Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


I think this is the end of week 4 and the start of the fifth week for me?

Practically no positive symptoms. I can hear a bit of whispering if I concentrate hard. The rash over my pacemaker site from me constantly rubbing/massaging it has disappeared. My delusion about it being an implant has pretty much faded, I’m not having to rub at it continually. Was weird to look at myself in the mirror this morning and not see the red patch that has been there for years.

Negative symptoms definitely better. Not sure if it’s from the 3399 or from having more energy from not fighting with positives, but things are better.

Neck/back/shoulder pain still remains surprisingly manageable. Haven’t had to take painkillers for about two weeks. Am still doing shoulder presses with resistance bands and I’m noting my strength is coming back.

I feel like I’ve won the lottery.



6 1/2 week update: (4 weeks Amyloban and 2 and 1/2 of Real Mushrooms’ Lions Mane)

The voices I hear when concentrating are fading away. Almost 100% quiet now. I still get a little thought broadcasting but I suspect that is getting better too. I still hear voices on some parts of a prerecorded prayer I listen too but they seem to be fading. That is the most noticeable symptom though and it doesn’t disrupt my work.

This really is like winning a lottery. My prize is my productive life back.


Is that just from generic Lion’s mane or are you still using amyloban 3399?


How was your state with 12mg of paliperidone?


@everhopeful Generic (but a good brand.)

@Ale, I am on 6 mg Paliperidone now. Feels better symptomwise then when I was on depot Invega.


That’s quite the testimony!

I hope it lasts for you!



Not to cast doubt on any of these successes, but if amyloban is so effective, and can solve unmet needs, then why isn’t it ever used in a professional setting? And why hasn’t it been popularized on this site or amongst others with schizo, kinda like L-theanine has been?


We are a small group of enthusiasts, without the sway of someone who works in the medical establishment helping to popularize this treatment.

It’ll get there, maybe in 5-10 years time.


“RAUWOLFIA (INDIAN SNAKEROOT) Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia serpentina) is a shrub in the … that has been used as an antipsychotic medication and tranquilizer for thousands of years.”

Then, in the 1950’s, modern medicine finally started using Indian Snake Root’s reserpine as an antipsychotic instead of lobotomizing people.

Despite what they may try to convince you of, the techniques of modern medicine are not always smart at all.


This thread makes me really uncomfortable. I’m always skeptical of apparent miracle cures without medical support.



Same here. I think the experimenters here will probably end up hurting themselves, but may not. But, if you can’t stand the discomfort, don’t read the thread.


Lions mane has a history in Chinese medicine, so there is some kind of long standing track record to its use. Some good came from Chinese medicine, like Sweet wormwood, the source of artemisinin, which is the currently preferred single compound anti-malarial drug widely used in combination therapies, and the therapeutic use of green tea.

It is still moderately experimental, but the compounds in it are not known to be mutagenic or bad for the liver or kidneys.

In terms of food, it has no track record of being harmful.


There have been a small number (25?) of scientific studies showing effectiveness in addition to these anecdotal stories.

I don’t see anything to be afraid of trying this mushroom in addition to meds.
It might be many many years before anyone could raise money for a clinical trial, if ever.
The main risk would be trying this without meds or receiving an impure product.


I’m using this supplement under the supervision of:

  1. My psychiatrist.
  2. My cardiologist.
  3. My general physician.

My psychiatrist is now emailing back and forth with me asking me all kinds of questions, she’s excited at the marked improvement after my last several visits all involved her increasing my AP and AD doses because my positive/negative symptoms were starting to overrun me.

How does all this not count as medical support?

Edit: I’m still taking AP and AD as prescribed. Not altering doses without permission of psychiatrist. This is a supplement for my treatment, not a replacement of my treatment. And I doubt very much that I am being ‘cured’ by it.


^^^ This is key. Folks should be under the supervision of their medical team when trying this, or any supplement.


Hi @MrSquirrel

Absolutely didn’t mean you with what I was saying. It’s awesome you have medical support.

But I’m still just very measured in my enthusiasm.

I hope you keep getting such good results honestly!


I’m also trying to be. You wouldn’t believe how profound the fear is that I’ll suddenly wake up with my voices back and discover the past two weeks were not real at all. I’m well aware of how far into “seems too good to be true” territory I am. I’m generally the pessimist in the room, so this is seriously screwing with me.

:confounded: :flushed:


The only “bad” thing about the Amyloban 3399 in studies that has come out (from what I’ve read) is that the results only last as long as you take it. If you quit taking it, your symptoms return in a few weeks.

I have few positive symptoms to speak of. Most of my symptoms are negative and are due to poor short-term memory. I have noticed I haven’t been “at a loss for words” or “fighting for words” or losing my train of thought mid-sentence as much as I have in the recent past. My dad isn’t sz/sza but he has memory issues. I have recommended the Amyloban 3399 to him, but he hasn’t tried it yet. I think it’s great. I figure it’s safe to take for most people as long as they’re not allergic to mushrooms.


Yeah, I notice I am having a much easier time getting back to lost trains of thought. Before taking Lion’s Mane, I’d have this insurmountable thought block after forgetting something, now I can go back a few seconds and figure out what the idea was.


Dear GOD! That sounds just like my regular meds. This is scandalous! What an outrage!

(Grrrr. Bark bark bark bark!!!)