Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


I’m starting my third week on Amyloban 3399. The differences for me have been subtle. I’m not struggling to find words like I used to. One night, I forgot to take my Zyprexa but experienced no positive symptoms during the next day or two like I usually do when I forget.

I’m hoping the Amyloban 3399 can get my short-term memory back to a normal range. I’ve been evaluated and it’s pretty bad. So I guess I am using it mostly as a nootropic and not something to control the sza symptoms.

I also restarted taking the sarcosine today as someone said it made their sarcosine work better.

I have not noticed any side effects whatsoever.


Thanks for the info, guys. I have been hoping to try this for me but seeing the stuff on neuropathy was amazing. I plan on buying some for him to try. He saw good relief with high mg cbd, but it Is too expensive to keep up with.


Another day, and further decreases in white noise. Now only at bedtime and almost inaudible


So, that’s three people in the thread so far with much less voices. Good stuff.


That’s kind of interesting … Hmmm…


Just to be clear, I’m still going to take my medications, but it is a relief to know if I forget I don’t have to worry.


I think I’ll wait to see how paliperidone works for me first. I’ll have to discontinue using seroquel, depakote and latuda probably.


That’s a good idea.

I don’t consider Lion’s Mane a first-line treatment, more of a second-line treatment that takes care of breakthrough symptoms.

I’ve recovered, but not enough to completely get off antipsychotics. I managed to halve my dose after two months though (only reduce medication with a psychiatrist’s approval.)


I have multiple physical disabilities that are currently on the process of being diagnosed. I wonder if it will help with my condition as well.


If it’s nerve related amyloban might help. My back pain is almost all gone


No voices today and only 5 min of white noise. Thank you invega and amyloban


How much voices were you getting before?


Are you on pills or injection?


6mg pills 151515


I was getting clear voices every time I laid in bed which was in the afternoon and at night


Do you experience any anhedonia?


Not right now, I have. I was recently put on Prozac


Just ordered some. Interested to see if it helps.


@Om_Sadasiva what do you think about Amyloban 3399? Seeing as you are med resistant, if it really works at reducing positive symptoms, it could provide you with some relief


My current combo (zyprexa, abilify, haldol) seems to work