Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


I’m loving mine. I hope I can afford to keep buying it. Much reduced anxiety due to feeling people are watching me. As for my husband, I notice he seems to have slightly better walking stamina. He hasn’t used a cart the past few times went to the store.


How long have you been on 1 gram?


Awesome! Ugh im anxious to receive mine!


Two days I’ve been on 1 gram Lion’s Mane.

My voices are super quiet after two days of 2mg Rexulti too. They are only a tiny bit audible if I concentrate hard.

The maximum drug saturation level of Rexulti is met after 19 days so there’s a lot more progress to be had. Maybe it’ll even stop my thought broadcasting.


So, you’re on Rexulti and invega? I apologize if I’m asking too many questions. TIA!


Yes, 6 mg Invega and 2 mg Rexulti. Going to go down to 3 mg Invega next month, sometime after the Rexulti tops off in my system (after 5 half-lives, so 19 days.)

The last bit of voice mumble is usually the most challenging to get rid of, and I believe the Rexulti is taking care of it.


Very excited for you!


The original stimulant like effect I got with amyloban is gone. Still taking it


Do you still feel its benefits?


I think there are some Cognitive benefits and some positive symptom benefits


Tried mine made me feel better, would taking more make me feel more better?


Best to stick to the suggested amount, which is usually 2 grams.


It’s been two weeks of lions mane mushroom and I’m really liking it.

My eyes look relaxed.


I just started lions mane, hope it works.


I’m so skeptical of these supplements and nootropics. It seems like it would be so easy to be placebo’d into thinking you are feeling way better on it when it might have nothing at all to do with the Amyloban 3399.

Unless there is some concrete studies done on it for schizophrenic patients…


There are clinica trials for amyloban, that’s why I started taking it


My doctor is satisfied that after two months this is not placebo effect. She has dropped my dose of Geodon. It will get dropped again in two months if things continue to go well. Going well meaning my having no positive symptoms and reduced negative symptoms.


Wtf. I still haven’t received mine!


Okay, so I FINALLY received my lion’s mane. How many grams is everyone taking? Should I start with 500mg?


2000 mg is the dose for lions mane I believe