Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


A thread for those who are trying this supplement to discuss their experiences honestly, both positive and negative. The usual caveats apply:

  1. Please don’t start any sort of supplement without getting the okay of your medical team. The more they know the better they can help treat you.

  2. Please don’t replace or discontinue any prescribed medications without receiving this guidance from your medical treatment provider.

  3. Please stop taking the supplement immediately if you experience any adverse affects or health issues that could be caused by it and get them checked out properly by a physician ASAP. This could be anything from weird sores to increased difficulty managing your SZ/SZA.

And that’s it.





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Stuff is golden, 9/10, it just about shut my voices off! It is effortless to read now, and I can concentrate on technical materials without being distracted and “playing” with them constantly. This is after taking two months of Lion’s Mane, which was one month of Amyloban 3399 (which is pretty expensive) and one month of the Lion’s Mane from Real Mushrooms (reasonably priced.) I noticed the most dramatic change in less than a week though, much like @MrSquirrel did (he compares its efficacy to Clozaril, even.)

There is a study showing that Amyloban 3399 works on refractory schizophrenics. Another study had a person go from a PANSS (positive and negative schizophrenia symptoms) score of 62 (moderately ill) to 30 (normal) in two weeks of taking it. is a fairly recent list of all the studies done on Lion’s Mane (There are 25, so it’s not totally obscure.)

You’re welcome to try Lion’s Mane from other sources but I can’t vouch for the potency. You have to make sure the extract is from the “fruiting body” and not from myceliated grain, which is high in polysaccharides (starch) and lacking in the active chemicals.

Let us please keep the drama low in this thread, hopefully it was aired out in the last thread.


Okay, third week and a bit of this supplement. Went from worrying about my positive symptoms spiraling out of control and a possible hospitalization in the near future to practically no positive symptoms. Very few intrusive thoughts. Negative symptoms are definitely better at this point. I’m still as stressed as I was three weeks ago, so can’t really give the credit to changed life circumstances.

Using in conjunction with Geodon 80 mg per day and Wellbutrin XR 4 tablets per day (can’t remember dose), just 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Plus sarcosine, 2 scoops in the morning and 2 scoops in the evening. Oh, can’t forget my ACE inhibitor.

Yeah, so there are unexpected side-effects. Cognition seems to be improved, feels like this stuff turbo-charges my sarcosine. Almost like my brain revs a touch after the combined dose. It’s rather wicked. Also, I’ve problems with chronic pain in my neck, back, and right side, notably my right shoulder. That’s from being partly embedded into a wall by an explosion in my 20s, messed up my joints and my nerves somewhat. Range of motion in neck and shoulders dramatically improved now that much of the pain has gone away. Back pain down by at least 80% now. I’m doing things I wouldn’t have tried six months ago: Bending at the waist and shoulder presses with resistance bands. Am enjoying drawing my bow again, not gritting my teeth. I’ve got painkillers on tap for the really bad days and I usually have one or two per week. Been over a week since the last bad day and it’s nice to leave the lid on the painkillers.

Negative side effects? Not that I’ve noticed yet. Just blown away with not only the massive reduction in positive symptoms, but the unexpected and very welcome pain management that came as valued added, so to speak.

I really REALLY hope that this continues to work, the boost to my quality of life is dramatic. Being completely honest, I was expecting this to work as well as the Niacin, fish oil, etc. In other words, not at all. So happy to be wrong this time.



Is lion’s mane and amyloban 3399 the same thing?


Amyloban 3399 is a patented extract of Lion’s Mane, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Going for any untested brand causes a lot of uncertainty. It might not work at all, which is usually the case for myceliated brands.


It’s been almost a week on amyloban and my head feels clearer, I have more energy, my positive symptoms have been reduced so I hardly hear them, and my back pain is way down too. For those that know my struggle with fatigue, this supplement has made me feel more normal than i have in many many months if not more. It’s been a miracle for me… and it’s only a week


I should also mention that my mother started taking it for cognitive and memory problems and she notices a difference too in clarity and memory. She says it’s easier to find the words she wants to say now. She’s been on for about 3 weeks.


Is they any interactions with antipsychotic drugs if you take amyloban 3399?


You may want to run it by your pdoc before taking.

MrSquirrel did that and he got the go-ahead to use it.


No problems with my Geodon that I’ve noticed.

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I bought a bottle of Amyloban 3399 from Amazon last week, but I haven’t taken any yet (my pdoc will not say yes or no to supplements). Is it accurate to label Amyloban 3399 as a nootropic? How is it different from L-theanine?

The bottle says to take up to 6 tablets per day, with or without food. Has it caused any stomach upset? Has it raised blood pressure? Any negative side effects at all?


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No sir.

No sir. I check mine twice per day and log per cardiologist’s orders.

None at all that I’ve noticed, honestly. Possibly some sleeplessness, but, my personal life is a bit stressful right now. Unfair to blame that on a supplement.


Thanks, @MrSquirrel .

I appreciate the quick response.


This is all very interesting! Especially if you could lower the dose of your antipsychotic medication in exchange for taking amyloban. But I’m curious to see what more people report after taking this supplement.
Let me just get one thing straight - amyloban 3399 (lion’s mane) is extracted from a mushroom, right?



Amyloban 3399 is an extract from the Lion’s mane mushroom.


Amyloban 3399 works by increasing nerve growth factor in the brain, and the benefits it gives you are supposedly from your own physiology working better, and not from a drug-like “high” as with something like L-Theanine.


Mine turned up this morning. I went for a massive walk after taking it. I don’t think it was the lions mane that got me walking but it could’ve been. I took 500 mg in the morning and another at 5pm. I feel good so far. Not so anxious.

So far so good, but it’s my first day and it can take a couple of months to work from what I read. And also depends on how much neurological damage you have.


No voices today, just some white noise hallucinations. Keeps getting better


@naturallycured have you noticed a difference between amyloban and the lions mane pills? Would you say they are the same and if not how are they different?