Amyloban 3399 (Lion’s Mane) - abdominal pain?

I have been on Amyloban since June 2019.

For the last few weeks (months) I have had abdominal pain. I had my appendix taken out in February 2019. The pain is where the appendix used to be.

I would like to be reassured that it is not the Amyloban which is causing the abdominal pain.

When I spoke to Mushroom Wisdom a year ago, they said it was “VERY SAFE, WELL TOLERATED”.

So, is it safe?

I heard of people on here having blood when they go to the toilet. I wouldn’t say it 100% safe. I would quit as soon as you have problems.

I’d speak to a doctor asap. There may be complications with your appendix operation.

From amyloban3399 ?

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Yes, I had a CT scan on my abdomen two days ago. I’m waiting to speak to a doctor at the hospital soon.

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Yes. 151515151515

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Woa ! :astonished:

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From urination, or defecation?

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Defecation 1515151

Lione’s mane can trigger immune response and can raise your eosinophil count meaning it can cause allergic reactions which include various autoimmune conditions including asthma, ulcerative colitis. I am not saying lione’s mane have contributed your abdominal pain but it can amplify if you already have some autoimmune condition.

Everyone taking lione’s mane daily should periodically check blood count to make sure its not aggravating any allergic conditions.

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I want some measure of whether the reward is sufficient to take the risk. On another ‘amyloban’ thread, there were numerous posts from people who said it had helped their illness.

I’ve had no blood in stools. I am tempted to take the risk.

I’m seeing the doctor in two weeks. Perhaps it might be sensible to stop the amyloban temporarily, and see if my symptoms return; and whether the doctor says it could be causing the pain, or whether there is some other reason.


OK, I’ll stop it and see what happens. Thanks for advice.


The strange thing is raised wbc blood counts like eosinophil count and others will not give any kind of symptoms so many unaware of side effects until it get transformed to diseases.

wbc = white blood cell?

I take clozapine 500mg, and have a blood test for white blood cells every four weeks. Would that detect damage caused by amyloban?

The eosinophil is a specialized cell of the immune system. This proinflammatory white blood cell generally has a nucleus with two lobes (bilobed) and cytoplasm filled with approximately 200 large granules containing enzymes and proteins with different (known and unknown) functions.

Yes do full blood count test it includes wbc differentials also. Raised wbc count means body is either fighting infection or needlessly immune system overactive like various autoimmune conditions. If showing raised wbc its better to discontinue liones mane after repeat test after 1 month to see if thats causing the problem.