Among the Lilies

Among the lilies, there are some flowers bleeding;
Among the broken, souls weep beyond the grave.
I saw their tears, and I pondered upon their lives.
When they stared at me, they pondered upon my life.

It was my turn now; I started bleeding beside a grave.
A child approached me, but I saw darkness through her eyes.
“Dear child, What makes you to be so afraid of me?”
The child stepped back, and I wept more and more.
I, bent, weep for the souls and the lilies who already died.

And so, in this world dried of love and compassion,
I will lay myself to rest beside this pool of grass.
And tomorrow, I will wake up and I shall try to love again.

"Here, you are thirsty. Have a cup of water from that lake.
Replenish yourself and cross the bridge with me."

"Oh, sir; I see my great-grandmother!
I haven’t talked to her for years.
Please tell me that she can now hear me.
I wanted to talk to her again.

Oh, I see my sister!
What a beautiful girl she became.
Here I am, my darling!
Let me see you."


Bravo 1515151515

So beautiful and touching :green_heart:

Amazing! I love the imagery

Wonderful, good prose.