AMOG and looks maxing: The rebirth of the metro sexual

What happened to metrosexuals? The people who want to rob the youth have changed the name and created a new novelty. AMOG and looksmaxing. History repeats itself.

Looksmaxxers seems like different from metrosexual.


Gods bless you for reminding me this word exists.

The 00s were a freaking weird time.

I remember one of the doctors I worked for then called himself “metrosexual”.

His suits cost at least 5K a pop.

In 2003 money.

On his lunch,

He spent the whole time in his own bathroom he had added to the building so he could primp.

The guy was a total jerk,

But he had some hilarious stories and was kind of a rags to riches situation so it was hard to hate him.

He was actually on a flight when they did call for doctor to come to the front of the plane.

As usual, he’d had a few drinks and was also an ophthalmologist,

So, yes he went to medical school, but he’s been doing almost exclusively LASIK for 20 years.

They called again and he started to feel guilty.

He sheepishly went forward and told a flight attendant he was a doctor,


He was an eye doctor and despite going to medical school hadn’t used the bulk of that knowledge in a very long time.

She was still super happy to hear it and lead him to the now patient and two other men hoovering around uncomfortably.

The patient was dead.

Likely heart attack.

Who were the other two men?


They were two chiropractors who had immediately jumped up when they called for a doctor.

I never saw the man get through that story without laughing so hard he shed a tear.

And the story involves the literal loss of human life.

Still thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

Terrible actual physician though.

He’d go out and party all night,

Come into surgery totally hungover.

Thankfully, the majority of ophthalmic surgeries are putting numbers in a machine that does all the work for you.

He once actually hurled in the OR.

Making the other assistant hurl.

During an active surgery.

( And still, in my opinion, not the worst of his offenses )


His business partners confronted him about this behavior.

He apologized, recognized there was a problem and suggested he was having a mid life crisis.

To which one of his partners said “Mid life crisis? How ■■■■■■■ old do you think you’re going to get?”

We had to reschedule a couple days of patients for him to recover from that one.

Funny guy.


Love it.


My husband’s best friend identifies as metrosexual. He’s a very shallow guy in some ways.

Have you guys tried mewwing?

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