Amnesia caused by trazadone, is it really the medication or something else

Yesterday i drank 2 shots of tequila around 4pm, the buzz whent away in few hours, i took my medications resperdal and 50mg trazadone at 11pm and slept. The next day feeling sleepy the whole day and having amnesia. Now i am trying to figure out why after alcohole, i have noticed this few times in the past too. If its the alcohole my body metabolized in few hours and i wasnt feeling buzz at all and i took my meds late, could this be something else,
Anyone experienced this?

No body here?.."…

I suffer from Episodic Schizoid Amnesia, which is made worse by alcohol, it only happens to me after I have a psychotic episode, but my pdoc says it can affect different people in different ways, you shuld bring this up with your pdoc

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Hey @Mindwhisperer How have you been?
What dose Risperdal are you on?
Are you still trying to get off of it completely?

I’m still on Risperdal - 2.25mg
Not getting off of it.

Trazodone can cause memory loss

Do you consume alcohol regularly?

I was once on 12mg of klonopin a day. Basically lost three weeks - can’t remember a thing.