Amnesia and psychosis Rudolph

How many of you also have Amnesia I overdosed on a potent drug PCP & can’t remember anything before 2011 I also had a drug induced psychosis but that has passed, however I still can’t remember anything other then thinking I’m Rudolph sometimes like if I take psychedelics or cannabis only otherwise I am fine like that’s what I remember of my childhood

With all due respect, it’s not very smart to keep taking any kind of street drug or illegal drug after drugs have already affected your life and your mind so badly. I can’t see you recovering very well while still taking drugs.
And people do recover somewhat from this disease if they take care of themselves.

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There is a condition called Episodic Schizoid Amnesia, it causes you to forget what happens during a SZ or psychotic episode. It may be similar to what happens with drugs but as Nick says, stop the drugs my friend, its not helping.

I drank a lot, and I think it affected my memory. I’m very absent minded.