Amisulpride is so damn good!

I feel sorry for my american and canadian friends that this drug is not avialabe for you. Its so damn good.

I just googled why it wont be available, it says

According to William, amisulpride is unlikely ever to be approved by the FDA because the manufacturer must bear the substantial costs of such an approval and the limited market for amisulpride would not justify the expenditure [5]

It is not at all as sedating as clozapine. [1][2] And there is no major weight gain like clozapine. EPS side effects are low with doses of 50mg - 300mg. [4] There is no drug interactions [3] Its as good as clozapine for positive symptoms. [1][2] The only problem is high prolactin, well you have to accept it as a cost as overall benefit outweighs the cost. [1]

If you want to compare amisulpride with other antipsychotics, check these 2 studies[1] [2]

[5] IN THE MATTER OF MICHAEL J. FALLON :: 2009 :: New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division - Unpublished Opinions Decisions :: New Jersey Case Law :: New Jersey Law :: US Law :: Justia.


You should wait on sep 363856 or karxt, those have ap profile with minimum side effects but they are only about as good as abilify on treating symptoms or better still the nasal spray for schizo will give a lot of people hope if it works

This drug saved my mind. Without it I would have been on Clozapine - and I would have been defeated in my goal of finding a drug that was effective and not a weight gainer.


They approved Amisulpride in the US for something else


It’s a great med yes!

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I agree. Its the best med.

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I swear by it, its the best med i ever had

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