Amisulpride 200 mg- low memory and intelligence

Hi i have psychosis which relapsed once when stopped med… been using amisulpride for over a year. N im an Normal now… No symptoms… No hallucinations n zero anxiety… Be t problem is i feel dumb and low intelligence… Memory also poor… Anyone experiencing same and how to overcome it

Its either all antipsychotics or schizophrenia that lowers intelligence. No one knows.

In answer to this, I remember being on Amisulpride, I was also on Haldol before being put on Clopixol [Zuclopenthixol]. Maybe look into having your medication switched. I also recommend depot injections, this way you actually take less of the medication and don’t have unstable levels of the medicine in the blood. I take 400mg Clopixol each 4 weeks and want to also start studying again, to make use of my mind. As already discussed, we don’t know whether the decrease in intelligence is due to schizophrenia or the medication. I tend to think it would be a combination. You should consider taking some supplements, to improve brain functioning, such as Omega 3, Magnesium, B12, B3.

I take 800mg a day and I am fine with it.

Might be worth changing meds if you feel that it’s doing more harm than good.

Hard to give advice peer to peer on medication, as everyone responds different to different meds

I take amisulpride 200mg ( 300mg when needed) and it has been very helpful to me. Worked the best for me. I take it alongside a low dose of olanzapine. They work well together for me.

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what other medicines you take along with amisulpride ? Before amisulpride did you also experience low intelligence on other antipsychotics ?