Amino acid complex: A game changer for me

For the last few months I have been taking a amino acid complex and from the time I started I instantly felt better in my brain. I was having trouble with feeling irritated and uneasy in my brain, like the kind of feeling you have just before you get a headache.

I was having this very often and things were kind of unbearable. I was thinking that if this feeling persitsts I will just be trapped in a annoyed state and my social life will be very limited as I with this irritation barely could put up with myself.

I first discovered the benefits of amino acid complex by a accident. I was working out and took a amino acids after the workout as it is said to help build muscles. I always felt better after I trained. At first I assumed it was the training in itself. But then one day I started thinking maybe it was some of the supplements I took, so I experimented with taking amino acid complex every day, and that was it. I felt much better in head.

I haven’t researched in extent what could be the possible link between taking AP’s and getting a good effect from taking amino acids, but I think it’s a fair guess that anti psychotics may deplete them from the body as well as possibly reducing their mechanism in the brain and/or absorption. I have researched and do know for a fact that anti-psychotics depletes Carnitine, which is one of the amino acids.

Some other factors that may decrease the bodys uptake of amino acids are:

  • Eating little unprocessed meats(Meat is the traditional source of amino acids)
  • If you are vegetarian or vegan
  • Having a bad digestion (diareah, bloating etc. If you have a bad digestion the body will have a much easier time to uptake amino acids from powdered supplements than from breaking down meats.)

My experiences with types of amino acids:

Initially I used to take 1gram capsules of amino acids after working out. Which did have a good effect, but it didn’t last long. I started feeling worse again the next day, so I have tried powdered amino acids to get a higher dose of typically about 15-20 grams. At this dose it is actually enough for me to take it 2-3 times a week.

Whey protein: I took this for a short time, but unfortunatley I got a allergic reaction. I actually developed haemorroids when I took it. These disappeared once I discontinued it.

Pea protein: I am currently taking this. It is easy to take because it dissolves fully in water and it just has a slight yellow pea taste. I think it tastes good. And luckily I am not allergic to it. Less people will be allergic to pea than whey(which is based on cows milk). It almost has all the amino acids, but actually doesen’t have carnitine, so I am taking 500mg of this extra in capsule form.

Pumpkin seed protein: I have also tried this which actually has all the amino acids. Unfortunately I think it is less suited because it is very rich in the amino acid tryptophan which is actually listed in my anti psychotic phamplet as having a moderate interaction with my AP. It is possible that it’s still suitable if you take it a long way off medication time. If you take it in the morning, there might not be any interaction if you take your meds at night. I am currently experimenting with this, but for now I consider pea protein my best option. Also Pumpkin seed powder doesen’t dissolve fully in water, so you kind of have to take a mouthfull of grainy sands and swallow it down. However it kind of tastes the way hot chocolate smells in my opinion, so the taste is ok.)

There are also some other types that I have not tried, like Rice Protein.

If you are experiencing the same symptoms I was with having physical discomforts in you head/brain, I would definitly recommend giving amino acids a try.