Amidst the lie

The regard of Hades wonders of your love. Amidst the starlight of cities burned suns. I didn’t know the shade of stars knew your dreams. I didn’t know the lies they tell would find your belief. I’ve loved you from before the winds. I’ve razed the stars in burning all Zen. Do you remember the ember? Are you amidst the sands- where our millstone has led me damned?


Yeah. Sure. I didn’t understand any of it. Probably because I’m not so good at English and including me not being knowledgeable.

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Maybe English is the perpetrator



meaning search - google

A perpetrator is often a suspect until it has been proven that he or she carried out the offense. The word usually describes someone who’s committed a crime, but any wrongdoing will do.

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My imagery in words are often the impossible in science and abstract in poetry. Its not your misunderstanding. I write abstract

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What do you think?

Maybe what you are considering failure is more so a judgement of people that have little regard for more than pretty plastic

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Maybe you haven’t failed

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If I’m not a failure, ( that would have been great - unfortunately it’s not )

But, I’m a 35 year old single male who turns out to be a major loser/failure.

Every attempt ends in money and time and image losses

My Image: Mr Sagar is Mr Dependent.

In comparison to who ? Money is a bankers lie. Many girls follow that lie and compare us to it. I don’t value that mindset from anyone. True friends love you for your true self

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I can only agree with you on this for sure.

If you don’t portray that banker lie to others you are far from a failure

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Yeah! But, morning to night everything runs on money. So it is no longer limited to being a banker’s lie.

Money seems to overrun life itself.

Nah. You think when you croak any of that ■■■■ will really matter? Money is an illusion forced on us.

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I just read Steve jobs last letter. He claimed money is ■■■■

Yes, precisely. We enforced it on ourselves to be free of burden. Our Social Order needs money otherwise there is no boss worker relationship. Because of money you can enjoy air conditioned offices. If no money we don’t need offices. Right?

If charity were taught to children before military pride African villages would have super fans cooling them down

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Money —> Social order

No money —> Friends

Well my point is, winning and failing shouldn’t be defined by a boss but by our own goals with room for forgiveness