Americans still don't trust self-driving cars

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Add me to that list. I’ve seen folks do some crazy things on the road (360s in the middle of the highway, etc). How quickly and precisely can these self-driving cars be programmed to factor things like that in? Maybe there comes a point when these machines exceed an experienced driver’s capabilities. But the fact is they’re just not there yet, and are having setbacks in development as we speak.

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5G telecommunications technology will improve the safety, reliability and accuracy of autonomous cars along with positioning satellites systems such as Beidou, GLONASS and GPS. Self-driving trucks are currently on the road and so will autonomous passenger planes in the sky.

The machines are taking over.

As primarily a pedestrian, I’d trust a machine driver over a human one any day. There are so many unsafe drivers out there, not to mention all the drunk and sleepy ones.

Also, just because the car drives itself doesn’t mean there can’t be some sort of human override system in case of emergency.

Not for long if there are no humans available to turn off a malfunctioning MCAS (Boeing MAX).

The problem being that driving is a privilege, not a right. I offended a customer this week because he was complaining to me about his insurance rates. I told him he was, frankly, a very poor driver and should consider simply not driving. He’s had five at-fault collisions in the last three years. Three of them in the past year. Two license suspensions for speeding demerits. License is currently one point away from being suspended again.

Boss only gave me mild waggy finger over it, but, let’s be honest. People like this should be banned from driving for life.


The thing is knowing you shouldn’t be driving in the first place. Many people see it as a rite of passage , and that can override any self awareness as to reasons why driving is not recommended.

More forceful government regulation is needed. This is why lobbying should be illegal, car makers obviously don’t want this.

How would you like things better regulated?

Impaired driving = lifetime driving ban and being charged with attempted murder.

Distracted driving = five year driving ban first offence, lifetime driving ban second offence. (Must be caught on video, no room for he said / she said here.)

Number of demerits allowed before license suspension cut in half.

Minimum one year suspension when license lost because of excess demerits.

Insurance companies allowed to refuse liability insurance to high risk drivers.

I feel like if we have self driving cars, we’re one step closer to “The Terminator”.

How would you define ‘Impaired driving’ ?

Blowing over the legal blood/alcohol limit.

That makes sense. Is drink driving a big issue in Canada?

i would trust them on reguar roads, on a highway in the long-term id be a bit skeptical just cause what if theres an error or bug

I wouldn’t mind automated vehicles. On December 31 I had an incident where I passed out at the wheel…no drinks, no drugs, nobody knows what happened…but I hit a tree and totalled my truck. Thank God I didn’t hit anyone else.

I don’t trust cars that drive for you. I’d rather a human be behind the wheel making decisions and controlling the vehicle.


Yeah on top of not trusting them it would be weird to see a car with no driver.

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