Americans. God save the Kingdom

check this


I think you would really like Gogol Bordello. Gypsy Punk.
Immigrant Punk
They have a very impressive discog. One of my favs.

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This is goooood!

Legalize me!Realize me! Lol

Did Joo No ,

Thaz Tha " lol " Is Actually Someone GeddinG Arrested (??)

I Said That Once On An Old Forum Thaz Been Deleted ,

A Few Years Ago I Presume ,

But e(Y)e Canno Remember Exactly …

No i didn’t. But i finally know that someone is spelling worst than me. :wink:

Call It Individual Grafeetee “lol”

I do not think that you are bitch, but you are Minx.


a sexually attractive and playful woman who often causes trouble


Its always good to learn something new

Sorry, the Chinese supposedly beat you to it.

source or gtfo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry. I erred.

Does “gtfo” stand for “get the f*ck out”?

I am from Holland everyone here especially the black people tries to imitate the American way of life as seen on tv I can’t understand why. English is the main language on universities for example.

I dno… sorry, i was making fun, no offense intended

No problem…

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I just happen to live in America which just happens to be one the countries on the planet Earth- JUST ONE ONLY AMONG MANY- I am in South, too. Hi y’all!

I always wanted to see a firefly as I sat on the veranda sipping an ice tea or a mint julep.

Srsly, How can people use “you guys” or “you all” over “y’all”? Have they no taste!?!?! :smile:

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Everything i like is in America.

Dr.Dre, Dr.Sheldon Cooper, Mr.Grey…

:cry: :cry:

forgot Dr, Pepper :smiley:

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